Monday, February 1, 2010

The post you've all been waiting for...

I hope you are as excited as I am about this post. I'll try to keep it brief, Dad, and include the highlights of the past week and a half (oops).

So, January 21st was my last real post...

Some pictures that make me happy from orientation week, which continued very similarly to how it began:

Obama marionette! What a figure(ine).

Czechs pronounce 'w' like 'v' and 'e' like 'i', hence, "VALL-I"

Mold, my favorite subject :)

Beans in tomato sauce! AHHH I haven't seen these since South Africa. Yummo.

One cool thing from orientation week worth mentioning was the opera, Cosi Fan Tutte, in the Estates Theatre. This is the theatre Mozart had the world premiere of Don Giovanni. Here is a view:

And here are some close-up photos of details hard to see in the video:

The ceiling..

The balcony..

And again.

My opinion of the opera.. it was fine. I liked the ballet better and I had a hard time staying awake through parts of the opera. Also, I didn't really like that the storyline was based on the premise "you would be a fool to trust woman."

Other than all that, I started classes last week and I like all of mine. They are all humanities classes, I guess, which is kind of a change. But I think I will enjoy them regardless.

Also, I went back to the hostel with a few people for dinner and noticed something wonderful in the corner...


How nice. Okay that is pretty much it for this post. I'll do a separate one momentarily for my weekend trip since this one already has a lot of pictures and two videos.

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  1. Love the details in the ceiling and balcony that's the kind of picture I like to frame. So happy you have the videos to watch!!!
    Love You,